Myfotowall is the Ultimate in Personalization


The photo you’re seeing here isn’t a bed on a beach with a portable wall. What you’re seeing is someone’s favorite memory blown up into wallpaper.

Personally, I think it is about time someone offered a service that can convert an average digital photo into wallpaper. The company, Myfotowall can print a digital photo up to a maximum of 1600%, or sixteen times larger. The quality is only as good as the quality of the original photograph, but that is no surprise.

The wallpaper produced by Myfotowall is UV cured, which means they are “lightfast for up to three years”. In other words, it will be three years before the photo will start fading.

As I have said in my title, this really is the ultimate in personalization. Even right now, I am picturing what photos that I want to use as my wallpaper. I mean, you could totally take a windowless room with plain white walls and turn it into a forest. Or, like the photo shown here, put your favorite memory on the wall forever.

Just to let you know, this service does not come cheap. Right now, the estimated price for a piece of Myfotowall is about £45 a square meter. It is available on the Myfotowall site.