Could myCopter give us the age of flying cars at last?

Another day, another flying car. Yes, we have covered flying cars like the Terrafugia Transition before, and the Transition has just received clearance from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
So are we really prepared for an era of flying cars, otherwise known as Personal Air Vehicles (PAVs)? That depends on whether or not people are going to be responsible flyers. Yeah, right. Do we really think that air-related injuries won’t spike exponentially with the advent of PAVs?
After all, I can easily see a group of teenagers out on a joyride and crash a flying car. Or a guy who has had too much to drink kill several people because of an FUI (Flying Under the Influence). Or some guy who forgot to check his gas gauge and plumets from the sky, putting a permanent crater in his town. Hit the jump to read the myCopter solution.
This is where myCopter comes in. The myCopter system is designed to created a network of partially automated flying vehicles. The purpose is to keep the flying cars out of controlled airspace, not to mention avoiding other obstacles, and fly in formation.
Fly in formation? The myCopter looks like nothing more than a cable-less cable car. Personally, I think this myCopter would take all the fun and freedom out of flying cars. However, I still think we are decades away from this type of technology anyway. Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

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