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Mycestro Wearable Mouse renders a new way to use a mouse

mycestroWhen we talk about a computer mouse, most of the time it would be one of those peripherals that we are so used to using with one hand in order to manipulate a cursor that we see on screen, so much so that anything else other than this particular design is overlooked. However, surely there is always a new way to do things, right? Enter the $149.99 Mycestro Wearable Mouse, which is a unique computer peripheral which is definitely worth having around the house – or office, for that matter.

The Mycestro Wearable Mouse happens to be a 3D mouse that one will wear around the finger, and it will sport three buttons to keep it company alongside scroll capability, now how about that? This means you no longer need to take your hand away from the keyboard ever again, which would certainly help you save plenty of time in the long run, especially when you are working on a particularly long document or spreadsheet. Using the Mycestro Wearable Mouse is easy – it might take a wee bit of practice at first, but being lightweight and ergonomic, you can control your cursor using natural gestures while holding your arm in any comfortable position. Right now, the Mycestro is only available for right hand use, so southpaws will have to sit this one out for the moment.