My Favourite 10 Gadgets in Year 1

With the launch of the forums it’s been a very hectic day so I’ve only just found the time to write this, my 10 favourite gadgets from the past year. So in no particular order we have:

10 – LED Keyboard

This was probably the gadget that made me start Coolest Gadgets, it just looks so cool. Each key is it’s own little LCD screen which opens up a phenomenal list of uses.

The full keyboard is still not available to buy but you can get a 3 key version from Think Geek.

9 – Bounce 5 Foot Jump Pogo Stick

For me this has accident written all over it but as grown up toys go it’s hard to beat. Being able to bounce over moving cars (not recommended) would be a hell of an adrenaline rush.

8 – Cool GPS Tracker

This is our most viewed product (thanks to our first ever Digg front page) and well deserved IMO as it’s just cool. Carry the tracker around (or plant it on somebody else) and the upload the results to Google Earth and have the journey mapped out on, very cool.

Still available from Think Geek.

7 – The Guinness Surger

There’s not many times I can fill my fridge with beer and class it as a business expense, so I was very happy to review the Surger. It didn’t quite taste as good as the black stuff does in Ireland but it was the best pint of Guinness I’ve had over here.

6 – Programmable Cocktail Dispenser

The second drinking gadget to make the list, program what drink you want and it will automagically mix it for you. Is that cool or what!

5 – Nexus Wicked Laser

This is one of the best gadgets we have ever been sent to review, the Nexus Wicked Laser. It has a range of 38 miles and comes with protective goggles. We are giving away our review model as a prize in the CG forums.

4 – The Wooden Digital Clock

I don’t know what it is about clocks but they are ripe to be cool gadgets. This clock that looks like an ordinary bit of wood when not is use is just cool.

3 – Flaming Plasma Cabinet

I’ve still not managed to get a plasma TV (though do have “permission” for in the next house). When I do get one this is the cabinet I want it in.

2 – Waterfall Fireplace

Waterfall fireplace

Not to be combined with the previous fireplace but this just looks and sounds relaxing.

1 – Seven Screens are better than One

We got fooled by the Quintet Screen hoax then we found these monster displays. Sheer class.

I’d love to hear what other gadgets you have enjoyed this reading about on Coolest Gadgets, please leave a comment or better yet sign up in the forums and have a chance of winning part of our $1,000 gadget give-away.

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