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Muzo will give you a bubble of sound protection


When you live in a more populated area and work very long days, the hustle and bustle of everything going on around you will sometimes be more than you can handle. Honking cars, bikes, chatter, music, lights, TV, your phone buzzing constantly with conversations and email can all get to be a bit too much. If you’re living in an apartment with paper thin walls, this is amplified by 20.

 If you need a quiet space that is all your own, you’ll have to make it, with Muzo. This is an acoustic device that will apply anti-vibration technology to any noise around you. There are three modes on this device, which includes serenity, sleep, and secret mode. The first will allow you to have a silent space through the anti-vibration technology, the second creates a peaceful sound scene (campfire, winter wind, space odyssey, etc), and the third protects speech privacy through sound masking.

This charges via micro USB, and connects to an app that you would use on your smartphone. You’ll get around 20 hours of use out of it before needing to charge up again. There are options for silver or metallic black, and it can go with you wherever you go as it only weighs 350 grams. You can preorder this for $119, and should get it in February of next year.

Available for preorder on Kickstarter