Mutewatch does show the time

Although the Mutewatch may appear to either be some furturistic concept or merely something given to convicts on their way out into the free world, it’s actually a watch.  It is a fully functioning watch that will be perfectly easy to learn to use.  Not only is this ninja of a watch easy to use, but it’s actually up for sale.  That is you can at least add your name to a list of those waiting for their watch to get out of the pre-sale stage.

The Mutewatch is as silent as the name states.  It doesn’t tick away and it even has a silent alarm.  Instead of beeping out loud like a normal alarm this one just vibrates your wrist.  Then on the face of the watch it keeps things plain up until you swipe across the face to activate the screen.  These come in white, gray or even red.  You just need to pick it up for €199 or about $260.

Source: FashionablyGeek

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