Mustek Digital Picture Frames: Big and Small

Mustek frames

Since digital picture frames are quite the hit for this year’s Christmas season, it stands to reason that more companies are putting out quite a few, in all varieties.

Such is the case of Mustek. One of their newest models is the PF-i700, a very cool digital frame made for the iPod. All you need to do is just plug it in, and you’ll be seeing your favorite pictures for the iPod on a 7-inch LCD panel. The screen is also a 16 x 9 aspect ratio with a low resolution 480 x 234 screen.

Details on the PF-i700 are a little sketchy, but I would think that Mustek would put some speakers or headphone jack in there. I mean, why not put in music if you can do pictures?

Anyway, the PF-i700 will be available in March. However, there is a tiny picture frame that is available now called the PF-L100. This one doesn’t even have a screen that is 1 inch, but is a simple keychain that plugs into the USB.

Well, that PF-L100 is certainly very portable, and it comes with 4MB of memory to store up to 42 photos. It will comes off after 2 minutes of neglect.

So you got a choice: the big and the small. Looks like size really doesn’t matter after all.