These Mustache and Tie Wine Charms make Christmas parties 100% better

Mustaches and Ties Wine Charms

It’s about that time of year to start having holiday parties at the office. People are going to let loose, confess their feelings, and give away presents while imbibing way too much. Since there are likely going to be similar-looking cups and glassware all over the place, you likely don’t want to chance a communicable disease by picking up the wrong one.

If you want to sip on your germs only, then these Mustache and Tie Magnetic Wine Charms will help you to differentiate which drink belongs to who. These use magnets to to keep your charm in the right spot on your cup or glass so that people would have to actively try to pick up the wrong drink. These will work on wine glasses, champagne flutes, and acrylics cups too. That’s right Solo cup, I’m looking at you.

Not only will you be keeping track of your own beverage by using these, but they add a bit of fun ambiance to your party! Of course, they’re going to work with any theme to boot! These will fit on anything that has up to 5mm thickness, but if used on disposable cups, you’ll want to remember to take them off before throwing it away. This particular set of six is going to cost you $15.99, but there are a million different types of these things with different themes out there.