Musical Ruler with Songbook

I am quite sure that you have heard of musical chairs before, but what about the Musical Ruler? Now that is definitely something worth looking into, don’t you think so? The $12.99 Musical Ruler with Songbook is the latest tool from ThinkGeek that helps make learning more fun, although you might find it to be a tad irritating when your little one has fallen head over heels for it. The Musical Ruler has been tuned to the key of C, where it comes in a closed hole student model, with a guide/songbook thrown into the mix for good measure.

No longer do you need to feel as though you are the odd one out whenever your musically inclined friends start to talk about notes and other kinds of stuff associated with music. For those who have this feeling that there is a song deep inside of you dying to get out, why not give the Musical Ruler a go before that? Each Musical Ruler’s accompanying songbook will help you get started right out of the box, where you can play a bunch of basic tunes as well as check out the history of those songs. Since this musical ruler was developed in the UK, it measures in centimeters only. All you need to do is move it to the corresponding mark on the ruler and give it a “twanggg!” for the desired note, and you should be holding your own concert anytime soon.