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Music album in USB flash drive format

jshnyclogo.jpgIndependent record label SUPERFROTHCO lays claim to being the first record label in the world to switch over completely to the USB Flash Drive as its format of choice for formal album releases as at Friday, July 20, 2007. The pioneer album in such a format from SUPERFROTHCO would be the debut album from Jeffrey Scott Holland’s JSH COMBO that merges experimental modern jazz, dixieland, cabaret, and show tunes. The album ships from September 1st onwards, with pre-orders currently being taken. How do you like the idea of your music coming in the form of a USB flash drive? Hopefully they come with a slide out USB connector as keeping tabs on caps can be quite a hassle.

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2 thoughts on “Music album in USB flash drive format”

  1. I am looking for an mp3 player that allows you to put a flash drive in it, similar to what is now availible in car stereos. I’d like it to have a headphone out so I can plug it into my stereo, my car audio (with a tape adapter), etc. I am looking for one that I can change the flash drives, but use the same mechanism. Think like a cd player or a tape player only one that uses flash drives.

  2. Me too. I have a 16gb usb stick which I can plug into my car and which plays mp3s. It is a pain having to use iTunes or the defunct sony sonicstage for portable playing when I already have the music on the pen drive synched from media player.

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