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This Mushroom Vacuum Cleaner keeps your gaming desk clean

Mushroom Vacuum

When you finally get time to play games and relax, you want to make sure you don’t lose a single moment getting your chill time in. That normally means eating dinner at your desk so you don’t have to be separated from your game, with the addition of snacks and drinks here and there. Of course, munching nummies over your desk means getting a decent buildup of grease, crumbs, and little spills everywhere.

If you are a bit of a neat freak, then you’re going to want to have methods to deal with the spot cleaning that will occasionally need to happen. You don’t want to bring the full-sized vacuum to your area as there might be trinkets, dice, or figures that you don’t want to chance sucking up into a vortex of doom. This Mushroom Desk Vacuum will not only blend in with everything else on your desk, but when needed will suck up crumbs and debris that you can’t stand to look at any longer.

This measures 95 x 95 x 90mm, is made of ABS plastic, and will need 2 AA batteries to work. If your desk is normally spotless, this would also be a great tool for keeping hair, ash, lint and more out of your car. This is easy to clean out and it will only cost you $10.99. It’s available in blue, green, orange, purple, pink, and red, giving you the tough choice of deciding what aspect of Mario to affiliate yourself with.

Available for purchase on Amazon