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This Mushroom Light makes your hallway seem like a magical forest

Mushroom Light

Walking from your room to the bathroom at night is not an exciting or noteworthy experience. This scenario is known to literally everyone, and usually all that separates you from relief is getting up and taking a few steps through a dark room. However, if there’s no light on your way to the restroom, then you likely want to get a small, unassuming light to make sure you don’t fall on a stray pile of clothes or randomly placed chair.

While you can pick any run-of-the mill light to find your path, why not make the ambiance a bit more magical? This Loriza Mushroom Light isn’t flashy or modern, but it is pretty whimsical and cute. It is little more than a night light, and will turn on automatically when it starts to get dark. This means you won’t have to worry about turning it on, and its power consumption will stay low as it will only be on when there’s a need.

This does jut out from the wall a bit, but not so far that you’ll be knocking into it every time you walk past. This is only going to cost you $7.99, but you will have to buy a new one any time the bulb goes out, as there’s no easy way to switch out the light. Thankfully, it uses an LED which means it shouldn’t die out for quite some time. As the light is housed in a yellow plastic it will provide a warm glow when you need it, and it won’t strain your eyes.

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