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The Mushroom LED Lamp is a speaker that has a simple idea that might grow on you

Generic Mushroom Lamp USB Speaker
When decorating the space you inhabit, some themes are easier to go for than others. Lighthouse bathrooms are widely popular, much in the same way fruit or vegetable-themed kitchens are all too common. You can find an array of knick-knacks and trinkets that will fill in any empty spots with relative ease. When you want to go for something off-the-wall like a modern mushroom forest, things can be a bit trickier.

While we saw a great bathroom accessory that would fit this aesthetic beautifully, that’s only one room of the house. This Mushroom LED Lamp that has a USB speaker will assist with this motif in your office or bedroom. It is a very sleek, generic-looking mushroom that has a plethora of LED lights hiding underneath its cap. While on its base, you can tilt or angle the lamp in almost any direction you’d like to focus your illumination.

The lamp is controlled by touch on the top of the mushroom, and it has a 3W speaker to blast out your music. There is a micro SD port with direct playback of MP3 music, and it also has Bluetooth capabilities so you can pair it up with your tablet or phone. This is a fairly pricey lamp at $84, but if you have the money to blow on interior decorating and it fits your theme, then go for it.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via Redferret