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Mushroom Gaming Chairs

Mushroom Chair

These mini mushroom chairs are not only cute (as cute as a chair can be) they also encourage a better seating position than slobbing out on the floor. Available in Japan from Strapya World, found via Unique Daily.

2 thoughts on “Mushroom Gaming Chairs”

  1. Nice. I want one.

    Wait a minute, that looks like a *gasp, shudder* female!
    Pssh, this must be fake. Everyone knows that girls don’t game!
    However, if I am in fact wrong about this, and there are girls that game, please let me know. My name is Steve, I’m 22, brown hair, blue eyes, I live in Chicago and I love long moonlit fragfests.

  2. unfortunatly yes they are girls that play video games a lot!!! im one of them and the only games i play are silent hill, resident evil, mortal kombat, nano breaker etc. the name is vanessa, im 19, brown eyes and different hair colors :p

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