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Muse 2 personal meditation assistant

muse2Interaxon Inc. is the company behind the Muse, which is a brain sensing headband that certainly raises an eyebrow or two. Over time, this has led to the launch of the Muse 2, which is a revolutionary device that functions as a personal meditation assistant. The Muse 2 has been specially designed in order to provide real-time feedback on brain activity, but it does not stop there. It will also help deliver similar feedback in terms of body movement, breathing patterns and heart rate when one meditates.

How does the Muse 2 work? For starters, it will rely on its integrated biosignal, inertial, and heart sensors in order to create real-time audio experiences across a quartet of key areas in order to help users find focused calm, improve posture, all the while increasing both breath and heart awareness. With virtually every single smart device available out there these days, there needs to be an accompanying app to go along with it, and the Muse 2 is no different. Its app will translate meditators’ internal states into immersive soundscapes, helping provide subtle guidance during meditation.

The new posture, heart, and breath experiences will allow the Muse 2 to open up a wider path of entry into a mindfulness practice, as well as a robust foundation that will be able to support both novice and experienced meditators. The Muse Mind Experience is part of the Muse 2, where your mental activity can be translated into the guiding sounds of weather. Research has shown that the Muse Mind Experience is capable of producing a significant reduction in stress in a matter of just four weeks, not to mention potentially beneficial neuroplastic changes in the user’s brain.

Where the Body experience is concerned, the Muse 2 will measure stillness via motion tracking. Any postural shifts and fidgeting will result in shimmers of real-time audio feedback in the form of beautiful wind chimes, helping guide users back to a place of restful stillness and physical relaxation. The Muse 2 will retail for $249 and will certainly go some way in calming you down after forking out that amount of money for what others might think to be a novelty.

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