Muscle Wire USB Powered Moving Butterfly does not sting your wallet like a bee

muscle-wireWe do know that in Japan, that is where one is able to find some weird and quirky USB-powered gizmos and toys. However, these toys can sometimes be purchased online, such as the $19.99 Muscle Wire USB Powered Moving Butterfly. The name of this particular gizmo gives itself away, where it will be powered by your USB port and flap its wings slowly, as though a butterfly is flitting in a stationary position right there and then on your desk. If you want to mesmerize new job applicants in your office, then this would be better than some of those kinetic sculptures. Available in three beautiful species, I guess you can also say that this is some form of stress relief device worth having.

The three species that you can choose from would be available in monarch, blue morpho, or swallowtail, and it flaps its wings not at a preset speed, but rather, deliver realistic random patterns and speeds so that it is as lifelike as possible. The movements are made possible courtesy of the application of electrical current to a Flexinol actuator wire. Do you think that this is worth a purchase if your desk looks pretty bare?