Muscle Beach Boys


Want to have some fun with a desktop toy? The Muscle Beach Boys ought to do the trick.

Working out is almost as exhausting as working up the required level of self-adoration to go through the whole process in the first place. Just watching people work-out is hard work, and slightly pervy. Well in a bid to alleviate the exhaustion of actually taking any exercise, and an in an attempt to make watching people pump iron acceptable, we introduce Dumbbell Dwayne and Push-up Preston, possibly the funniest wind-up merchants on the planet. Hot from Venice beach, these pumped up boys with their bulging biceps, chiselled features and scary teeth are the perfect answer to letting someone else sweat for you. And of course you can laugh out loud at them (and you will!) without fear of being knocked into next week.

Each of these jocks can be yours today for £4.95.

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