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Murata Cheerleaders are robots that traverse on balls

murata-cheerleadersWe have seen our fair share of robots in the past before, and Murata happens to be one of the companies that do manufacture robots which have a practical sense about them. Case in point, this unicycling robot which has more or less mastered the art of balance – and that is close to half a decade ago! Time has surely seen plenty of advancements made in the field of technology, and what has Murata managed to cobble together between then and now? Pretty much, but the product that will take centrestage today happens to be known as the Murata Cheerleaders.

Strange name, I know, and you will not find the Murata Cheerleaders arrive all decked out in skirts to boot, as they happen to be swarm robots that move about in a really cool manner – through the use of a “ball”, so to speak, and will come equipped with the latest sensing and communication technologies, not to mention advanced group control technology that helps them to achieve perfect stability and flawless synchronized dancing at all times.

Being different from their predecessors, the bicycle-riding MURATA BOY and unicycle-riding MURATA GIRL, the Murata Cheerleaders will ditch wheels and ride on a ball instead, balancing there as the ball rolls along. This enables them to move about in a fast manner regardless of the direction, and at the same time will remain upright thanks to a trio of advanced gyro sensors which will make use of inverted-pendulum control technology that can help it detect tilt angles.

The Murata Cheerleaders certainly live up to their name, being full well capable of high-precision routines courtesy of its real-time position measurement technology. All of them will come equipped with a quartet of infrared sensors as well as five ultrasonic microphones to detect surrounding objects, even when it is in pitch black darkness. This being the fourth generation of Murata robots, we cannot wait to see what the fifth generation will reveal.

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