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Muppet Show Cuckoo Clock adds spice to home’s decor

muppet-show-cuckoo-clockChildren love the Muppets – at least, most of the little ones whom I know. After all, who can turn down a cute and masterfully controlled hand puppet? It would be madness not to be able to enjoy yourself with a Muppet Show, and just in case you would like to bring home some Muppet love to your living room, then the $199.95 Muppet Show Cuckoo Clock would certainly fit the bill perfectly, and then some.

As you can tell by the name itself, this is a cuckoo clock that will pay homage to the iconic Muppets Theater by boasting of a collection of lights and sound that sound at every hour. There will be a dozen Muppet characters thrown into the mix that made the children’s show famous, where among them include The Swedish Chef, Miss Piggy, and of course, the star of the show, Kermit the Frog. Just in case you were wondering how come it is so darned expensive, this is because this is a handcrafted resin clock that replicates the Muppet Theater by boasting of three balconies, a curtained stage, and the show’s marquee which serves as the clock face. At the top of every hour, the classic Muppets theme song will play back while LEDs illuminate the stage. It will be powered by a couple of D batteries and a single AA battery.