Multi-Task Gloves with LED Lights

There is no shortage of gadgets trying to offer mechanics hands-free lighting while they’re attempting to fix a car.  Be it lights with magnets attached or lights that are capable of wrapping around and clinging to items underneath the hood.  Now you can even own a pair of mechanics gloves that have LED lights built directly into the pointer finger.

I haven’t decided if these lights would be helpful or make you crazy.  By no means does it seem as if they’d be good to replace one of those magnetic lights.  However, keeping them on might make it possible to get light into areas when your hands are in the way.  The lights will either make you nauseous from them moving around every time you turn a wrench or make it easier to find that bolt that slipped through your fingers.  You can purchase the gloves for $22.95 through Amazon.

Source: GeekyGadgets