Multipot hides and charges your gadgets


Now this is one way to charge all of your cool gadgets without having them cluttering up an area.  Instead it charges them all and hides them away so that they don’t have to be seen at all times.  Of course if you’re the type that would forget their phone unless it was within plain sight, this might be a bad idea.  However, for those that aren’t so forgetful this would be a great multi-gadget to have lying around.

This Multipot looks like just a random light you might have out to create a subtle ambient glow.  It does this with an LED light.  All the while underneath the lid is a spot to not only charge your gadgets, but to store small items as well.  Things that you might need to grab on your way out the door like your car keys.  Storing your car keys in with your gadgets might be one way to make sure that you don’t accidentally leave you cellphone.  In the charging section you can charge a total of five gadgets.  Upon purchasing you can choose between white, black or chrome and it’ll cost you about $325.

Source: CraziestGadgets