Multimodal Portable Timer/Alarm Clock

multimodal.jpgDo you happen to have a hearing impaired person in your home who finds it pretty hard to wake up by him/herself? After all, what happens when nobody else is at home and the batteries on the vibrating pillow died? Fret not – there is the Multimodal Portable Timer/Alarm Clock.

Our Portable Timer/Alarm is great for the hearing-impaired — simply switch it to vibration and/or flashing light mode. Use the alarms in any combination or all three at once! You also get two timers in one. Set it as an hour/minute timer or minute/second timer at the flick of a switch. Time up to 20 hours and/or 100 minutes. Timer counts up and down, pauses, and restarts. Extra-large LCD screen makes it easy to read day or night. Perfect as a bedside clock, travel alarm, kitchen timer, medication reminder and more.

It is powered by a couple of AAA batteries and retails for $16.98. I suspect this isn’t just meant for those who are hard of hearing as folks who find it difficult to wake up with mere sound could do with a nice vibration.

Product Page via BoJ

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