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Multimedia Watch has 8GB of storage and a 1.8-inch screen, won’t impress the ladies

Multimedia Watch

In an age where everyone carries cell phones, I tend to wonder why people still wear watches. I’m sure that not everyone wants to pull out their phone whenever they want to know the time, so I guess I can understand. I’m perfectly content with looking at my phone or iPod, so I rarely even consider putting on a watch. If I’m going somewhere important I might put on my trusty pocket watch which was a gift from my wife so I don’t look like a huge dork every time I whip out my iPod to check the time. Somehow I don’t think that putting on this new 8GB Multimedia Watch would make me look like any less of a dork.

Since the days of Dick Tracy people have envisioned watches that can do just about everything. I’ve begun to wonder if I’m the only tech geek that really doesn’t have any desire to have a giant screen attached to my wrist. I keep my phone and iPod Touch carefully hidden away so that I don’t look like a complete dork at all times. However, if you don’t mind carrying around a 1.8-inch screen, you’ll get a massive array of features including 20fps video playback, 8GB of storage and an MP3 player. I think it might even tell you the time. While the giant screen might weigh down your arm, it won’t break your bank with its $86 price tag.

Source: GeekAlerts

3 thoughts on “Multimedia Watch has 8GB of storage and a 1.8-inch screen, won’t impress the ladies”

  1. I got myself one like this!
    Bludy brilliant! gets lots of attention from everyone “wats that on your wrist?” “well its an mp3 player a video player a book reader a game player a phonebook a voice recorder and a portable memory stick! jelous?”
    I had one with a 1.5″ screen and a rubber strap, it was surprisingly light and simple to use. functioned well and wasnt too big… The reason i dont use it any more is its got one of those rubbish 2.5mm ports rather than the standard 3.5mm one. And this port has broken so it wont play music through both earphones! which sucks!

  2. Watches belong to jewelry. True, we don’t really need one these days but it looks nice when you wear one. Maybe it does not have to be mp3 player, but a time piece from, for example, Armani is a nice thing to have….

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