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Multilocation Synchronized Spot Lights spruces up your garden

sync-spotlightSo you happen to have purchased your dream home, and with some fair bit of land on the outside, you have also invested much of your time and energy in cultivating a garden that has different varieties of blooms. In other words, life is perfect – and your dog is also so obedient, it knows far better than to dig up the carefully manicured lawn. Well, in order to showcase such perfection on earth, the sunlight can do so on your behalf during the day, but what happens when dusk falls? Enter the $99.95 Multilocation Synchronized Spot Lights.

The Multilocation Synchronized Spot Lights happens to be a set of two spot lights which will illuminate simultaneously each time one of them detects some bit of motion. The spot lights can be placed up to 150′ away from each other, and whenever one detects motion it will send a wireless signal to the other spotlight, which will also illuminate. Seems to be the perfect tool to enhance your home’s security and at the same time, ensure that your garden is well lighted each time you have an outdoor party or gathering. Each unit will sport a quartet of wireless channels that all accommodate up to 50 spot lights, so that you can illuminate many areas of your yard simultaneously in 200 lumens brightness. They are all powered by a trio of D batteries each, so fret not about wiring issues around the yard.

1 thought on “Multilocation Synchronized Spot Lights spruces up your garden”

  1. If you are going to install garden lighting of any kind it’s far better if the lights are as small as possible. This is especially true if they are going to be in plain sight on the back or side of the house. Looks like this spot light would be perfect as a courtesy light and a security light.

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