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The Multi-Functional Dog Shower – Life doesn’t have to be ruff

Multi-Functional Dog Shower

When you have a dog, it’s like raising a human who is perpetually 6 years old. They’re smart, but they are constantly trying to test their boundaries with what they can get away with. More importantly to dogs, how much trouble can they get into and still get treats in the same day. They try to eat things they shouldn’t, go to the bathroom in places they know they’re not supposed to, and rub their butts across the carpet, but when they make that cute face at you with the big round eyes full of love, it makes it all worth it (…usually).

If your little fur-child seems to enjoy romping out in the mud or coming home smelling less than pleasant, you probably want to give them a bath. Instead of having to live through those comedic movie scenes of a dog covered in bubbles running all over the house, you could instead get this Multi-Functional Dog Shower. This will attach to your home shower or garden hose, letting you choose how much cleanup after bath time you want to risk.

This comes with an adapter for indoor or outdoor use, it’s ergonomically designed to easily fit your hand, and will feel more like a massage to your dog than a bath. If anything, they’ll think they did something right with all the dedicated attention they’ll get. This is going to cost you $19.99, and will hopefully only need to be used once a month. For your sake.

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