Multifunction keychain with built-in universal remote

Keychains rarely have useful, much less multiple useful functions.  However, this little guy may be small but he is packed full of all kinds of useful items.  First of all is the universal TV remote, which makes it so that you can turn the volume up or down as well as change channels and shut the TV off entirely.  Yes, it has its devious benefits of screwing with a friend’s TV.  Yet it also could be used as a back up when you manage to lose the remote.  Which we all have from time to time, I’ve even managed to find mine in the kitchen and on one occasion set down in the fridge.  So needless to say a universal remote keychain would come in handy.

Beyond that it also has the obligatory flashlight, which of course comes in just about every keychain that is trying to pass itself off as useful.  The final extra that comes built into this flashlight is a bottle opener.  Which makes it easier to go to a friend’s party, drink yourself silly and drive them insane by making them watch the most tedious things on TV or just turning the volume down just low enough to annoy them.  You can pick this keychain up for $5.99 on Sourcing Map.

Source: TeeChee