MultiFunction GPS Mirror has everything but the kitchen sink

GPS Mirror

It’s a mirror. It’s an MP3 player. It’s a video player. And it shows you where you’re at and where you’ve been so you can’t get lost. That is some rearview mirror.

The Multifunction GPS Bluetooth Rearview Mirror System provides complete 12 satellite GPS navigation, with voice prompting for directions and also has a reverse sensor to monitor backing up. It incorporates an SD card expansion slot and can play both MP3s as well as video formats for Windows Media Player and Quicktime MPEG4 with built in speakers giving the viewer a stereo experience. The mirror also reads JPEG pictures which turns the mirror into a photo album and you can even read eBooks through it!

And as if that wasn’t enough, the Multifunction GPS Bluetooth Rearview Mirror System also has five built in games and a stylus to navigate the interactive menu screens. It’s 3.5 inch touchscreen LCD is battery powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
Now if they’d also toss in a subscription to OnStar, DirecTV and provide hands free cell communication, it’s be the perfect package. But for $145, this Rearview Mirror may be an ideal add-on to bring any classic into the twenty first century.

Hat Tip: The Red Ferret

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