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Multi-talented light bulb


This is definitely a multi-faceted light bulb when you think about the abilities packed inside. Not only is it a digital alarm clock, it also boasts an LED color-morphing capability to light up your room for a more cheery mood. The LCD alarm clock comes with day, date, and temperature readouts, while the $12 (approximate after conversion) price tag makes this one unbelievably affordable gadget. If you’re scratching your head for a gift to your rowdy teenager, this is it.

Product Page via Technabob

4 thoughts on “Multi-talented light bulb”

  1. Damn, I was gonna buy it but I have not yet turned Japanese! Anyone know where they sell this on an English speaking page?

  2. I’m from Holland and want to buy the Magic Bulb. Where is this prodcut available? I only found the 10×10 website, but I don’t understand the language. Does anybody know where to get this?

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