Multi-purpose clock radio

bedside-radio.jpgSpruce up your bedside table with a device that crams in more functionality that the average 55-in-1 memory card reader. The name of this unique devce says it all, as the good folks at Hammacher could not conceive a unique moniker, we all will have to make do with the Police Scanner/Weather/Atomic Clock Radio. What’s so special about it, you ask. After all, the vast array of buttons, knobs, and dials make it look too complicated to use for the average “dummy” back home.

For starters, the Police Scanner/Weather/Atomic Clock Radio is a combination of traditional AM/FM radio functions with police, traffic, weather, and TV bands all lumped into a single device. You will also go to bed proud, knowing you have the most accurate clock in the entire neighborhood as it automatically synchronizes its time with a signal from the National Institute of Standards and Time timekeeping system, giving it an accuracy rate that falls within a single second over a million years.

The Police Scanner/Weather/Atomic Clock Radio also holds the proud distinction of being the first publicly available product that is capable of alerting the user various announcements and weather alerts automatically. In addition, 300 scanning channels give you access to a whole host of information including public safety, amateur radio, aircraft, traffic, weather alerts, and VHF TV broadcasts. This unique device will set you back by $199.95.

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