Multi-Port Power Inverter for the car

Multi-Port Power Inverter
For whatever reason, you didn’t like Coleman’s Headrest Powerworks. Let’s just say that’s the one quality that perfectly describes you. Maybe you thought it was too expensive, ugly or you didn’t have a cigarette outlet to give up. Well, the uniquely named Multi-Port Power Inverter should solve all of your problems. It’s cheaper, has a few more features, and won’t require you to give up your precious cigarette outlet.

This gadget also plugs into your cigarette lighter socket and, rather than 2 regular 110 volt AC outlets, has two USB ports, a second cigarette outlet, and only one 110 V outlet. But, with those USB outlets you can charge your PSP, Blackberry, iPod, and more and save the real outlet for a power-guzzling gadget, like your portable DVD player or laptop. The obvious idea would be to use the the second cigarette lighter to plug in another one of these, but I can’t imagine the outcome of that would be very good. In fact, it would probably cause some type of expensive, warranty voiding damage. Maybe you should just keep it to something simple, like a radar detector.

In order to prevent the kind of damage I mentioned above, the Multi-Port Power Inverter has some safety features built in. There’s circuit protection to prevent overloading, short circuit, or over voltage. It will also automatically shutdown in case of low battery (which I presume means the car) and overheating.

Get your Multi-Port Power Inverter for $40, which is $20 cheaper than Coleman’s version of a nearly identical product.

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