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The MudBall will keep your shoes grime-free

The MudBall

If you live in an area that is not completely covered in concrete and it’s raining outside, you’re likely going to step in some mud. It’s pretty hard to avoid, and there’s a good chance you’ll spend the rest of the day trying to clean it off. Of course, you can try your best to scrape it on the sidewalk or jerry-rig a piece of paper into a cleaning cloth, but that’s usually not going to cut it.

If you want to make sure you don’t track in mud or have any crusted onto your favorite pair of shoes, then you might want to have a tool handy that will remove all the gunk for you. The MudBall work in the exact same way a snow scraper cleans off a car. There is a scraper on the end to remove clumps of mud, and a brush that will remove any remaining specks or dust that may have found a home on your feet.

Priced at around $10, this is not necessarily expensive, but it is a very particular tool. Unless you live in an area that has an abundace of mud, this would likely end up being another gizmo that hardly sees use, and will weigh down your bag. While there is loop to attach it to the outside of your bag, there is the issue of where you will put this when it has scraped mud off of your shoes and is dirty. Should this be just the item you’ve always been looking for, you’ll be able to choose this in blue or pink.

Available for purchase on Unikia

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