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The MTS Multi-Shield Threat safeguards your laptop and your life

MTS Multi Shield Threat

While it’s not something anyone wants to think about, shootings are cropping up more and more in the news. Even if you train yourself how to properly handle and shoot a gun, that won’t stop bullets fired at you from stopping. It’s good to know when to be defensive or offensive, and for the former, you need to have a way to shield yourself if the situation presents itself.

There’s a decent chance you’re not going to wear a Kevlar vest to work every day. If you do, coworkers, friends, and family will likely worry about your mental health. Should the threat of being caught in a hail of bullets cause you anxiety, but you still want to be accepted by social norms, then why not hide your ballistic protection through an even more discreet method than a vest? The MTS Multi-Threat Shield in its everyday use will carry your phone and laptop, but in dire situations will provide you with a three foot long blanket of protection to deal with a variety of potentially life-threatening situations.

While this is mainly meant to be used as protection against firearms, it will also help you against attacks with blunt objects, edged weapons, punches, and kicks. It weighs about 8 pounds, but what hides inside of itsĀ 1680-Denier water and abrasion-resistant ballistic nylon can stop a .44 Magnum. Of course, something that can stop a bullet is not going to be cheap, so try not to get too worked up over the $899 price tag.

Available for purchase on forcetraining, found via technabob