MtEverClimb is an endless rope-climbing exercise

Ah, climbing the rope, doesn’t that just bring back memories of gym class? I remember that I just couldn’t climb that thing for a while, but I finally mastered it. Fortunately, I learned how to do it before I got to high school, not that we had a rope in high school.
I would imagine if, as an adult, I climbed a rope every day, I would probably be in better shape than I am today. I suppose that this is why MtEverClimb was invented.
The MtEverClimb is not a mountain, but it is the next best thing. It is a 485 pound steel frame with a pulley wheel so that the user can climb up a rope as long as he or she wants. I would imagine that you could set it so your own weight wouldn’t weigh it down too much. I mean, it would suck if you started climbing, and it just started sinking before you could ever get to the top. Then again, this is the idea, you have to stay ahead of it.
Perhaps there is a way to “freeze” the rope in one place, so you can dangle on it upside-down.
Apparently, this apparatus is endorsed by NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers. However, it costs about $7,985, and apparently the user has to pay $495 for an optional up and down timer.