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MSI Vortex W25 carries plenty of innovations

msi-vortex-w25When it comes to laptops, there are basically three different categories from which one is able to pick from: the regular laptop, the gaming laptop, and the workstation range. MSI has a hand in all three genres, and this time around, the company has worked on improving its workstation range through the introduction of the Vortex W25. In fact, MSI’s Vortex W25 lays claim to being the world’s first 2.5L desktop that is powered by NVIDIA’s Quadro P5200 GPU.

 According to Andy Tung, president of MSI, “The Vortex W25 is one of the smallest and most capable workstations on the market. We first created the chassis for powerful gaming performance with the Vortex G25, but we believe the innovative design will translate easily to those who need desktop-grade power in a small form factor.”

As a 2.5L desktop that is powered by the NVIDIA Quadro P5200 GPU, there is also enough processing muscle found elsewhere through the presence of Intel’s latest 8th generation processor. This new processor will boast of half a dozen cores of computing power, where it will be up to 30 percent more powerful compared to the previous generation. The Quadro GPU is able to deliver up to 40 percent more performance than before, transforming the MSI Vortex W25 to be the ideal tool when it comes to handling high-end 3D or VR tasks while you are on the move.

To ensure that things are kept running nice and cool, the Vortex W25 will feature MSI’s excellent Cooler Boost Titan thermal solution that delivers stability. This guarantees the best performance possible, letting its Quadro graphics perform with a greater thermal efficiency compared to the average Quadro DT. In fact, the Vortex W25 is relatively small, it is easy to hide in the office. There is support for a VESA mount, while accompanied by dual NVMe M.2 SSDs by PCIe Gen3/SATA SSD Combo slots, a 2.5” hard drive and easily accessible dual DDR4-2400 slots.

The asking price of $2,049 for the Vortex W25 might sound like a whole lot, but you will get plenty of bang out of your buck for this bad boy.

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