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MSI Trident X redefines the gaming PC design


Gamers take their hardware very seriously, and would do their level best in order to eke out the maximum amount of performance all the time in order to gain a competitive edge over their opponents. MSI, a name that has long delivered quality gaming notebooks in the past, continues to forge ahead into the future with a gaming PC that will certainly look different from what most of us have been used to. The all new Trident X compact desktop might seem like a souped-up workstation meant more for bean counting and word processing, but it is actually armed with the latest MSI GeForce RTX 2080 graphics cards as well as Intel’s 9th generation Core K series processors. Combine that with a good keypad and gaming earbuds and you have an amazing setup ready for any battle royal or Overwatch match you might encounter.

To put it in a more impressive manner, the MSI Trident X happens to carry the distinction of being the first compact desktop PC that incorporates an SFX power supply alongside the highest performing new MSI GeForce RTX graphics cards to date, all crammed into a case that has a volume that is no more than 10 liters. Along with this they included a couple of amazing case fans, to keep everything cool. Certainly, that is quite an achievement which is worth trumping. This makes the Trident X is a completely new PC experience that is more than capable of providing stiff competition to far larger traditional desktop PCs in terms of gaming performance.

The Intel Core i9-9900K processor is touted to deliver up to 50 percent more performance than before, with the i9 providing massive, overclockable performance within the confines of a small chassis. In addition, gamers are able to take advantage of the newest innovations in graphics alongside raytracing with up to NVIDIA RTX 2080ti graphics. With all of these components working in tandem, the Trident X will be able to offer impressive performance with but a tiny footprint regardless of the task, be it heavy duty gaming or video editing.

A tempered glass side panel is found in the Trident X as well, where it boasts of a hinge to enable users to easily upgrade the CPU, memory or hard drive. Using MSI’s unique Silent Storm Cooling thermal system to keep it running nice and cool, a trio of separate airflows will individually cool down different components within the Trident X when it is working hard. Expect the Trident X to be available this coming November with a starting price of $2,299.