MSI Mystic Knight gaming backpack

MSI Mystic Knight gaming backpack

When the name MSI is mentioned, most of the time people would think of gaming notebooks as well as high-powered desktops that are able to churn out consistently high frame rates at excellent graphical quality. However, who would have thought that the Taiwan-based company would actually branch out to offer a little bit of something on the side? I am referring to the Mystic Knight gaming backpack, being an extremely versatile tech pack complete with more than enough storage space to stash a laptop of your choice, its accompanying gaming gear as well as other essential items that you bring about on your daily commute and workflow. The only thing you’ll need to leave at home is your chair.

The Mystic Knight backpack from MSI boasts of just about everything that you as a commuter requires from a bag. For starters, it has a high-density foam padding that will do its bit to protect the gear stashed within, while the presence of a padded back panel will provide comfortable all-day wear, allowing you to bring it with you wherever you would like to go. So what if the skies darken and it starts to pour? The presence of a built-in rain cover (something that we normally see in outdoor backpacks only) will help to keep the bag dry and more importantly, its contents, even in the pouring rain.

The flexibility of the Mystic Knight backpack is evident through an easy conversion into a messenger-style shoulder bag courtesy of an included detachable strap. Located at the back of the bag also lies a luggage handle pass-through panel that can be used when you are traveling, attaching it to a solid pair of handles of your larger luggage for easy traveling.

As for the materials used, MSI did not skimp on things. The Mystic Knight backpack has nothing mystical of its components and make-up, being made of water-resistant and lightweight polyester. It is spacious within, while a padded main compartment will be able to fit laptops that are as large as 17-inches with extra room for other accessories or items like a gaming keypad.

Rated at 25L, this bag also relies on a roll top which can be used to expand the capacity of the main compartment. Red reflectors are strategically located on the outside of the bike for commuting safety, while durable zippers engraved with the iconic MSI dragon logo and the mesh back panel were specifically designed to enhance comfort, breathability, and heat dissipation. Expect to pick up the Mystic Knight backpack for $139.99 a pop.