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MSI announces next generation G Series gaming laptops

If you are an avid gamer, then you would surely have a decent desktop gaming PC configuration set up right at home, complete with its fair share of futuristic looking gaming keyboard and mouse, accompanied by the state of the art gaming speakers to that you can hear the exact spot where your opponent is in a map, before gunning him or her down with that flick of a wrist and press of the mouse button. Of course, not everyone has the kind of time to just sit at home all day long to indulge in playing computer games – some of us have to go through this thing called “work” so that we can make ends meet at the end of the month. Well, how about bringing gaming on the go with you then? This is where MSI comes in, having unveiled their next generation G Series gaming laptops.

One of these gems from the new G Series gaming laptops include the GT70 Extreme Edition that will come with an Intel 4930MX chipset, in addition to showcasing NVIDIA’s latest GeForce GTX 700M Series graphics, Killer Doubleshot and Intel’s 4th Generation Core i7 processors. All of those ought to pack enough graphical and processing firepower even though you are away from home, to handle the latest games, right? Sure, you might not be able to crank things up like your desktop, but the experience comes pretty close in comparison, I am sure.

Not only that, the new G Series gaming laptops will be able to play 4K video at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which happens to be quadruple the amount of time of traditional 1080p high-definition video. The next generation GT and GE models will also come with expanded storage, improved cooling and display outputs. The inclusion of Super RAID 2 has increased the amount of SSD storage from the last generation Super RAID with 3 SSD’s in RAID instead of 2, while Cooler Boost 2 delivers an efficient single fan cooling solution that is capable of lowering the average temperature by a whopping 8⁰ C . Last but not least, the new Matrix Display feature would enable you to have a far more productive day at the office, as you can hook up to 3 external displays so that you end up with a total of up to 4 independent displays, the native notebook display included. Sure, it works great when you are gaming, too.

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