MP3 Player Walkman

For those of you that actually owned a real Walkman, you’ll love this new MP3 player.  Back when Walkmans were still cool, these mobile tape players were the best around.  Hey, at least they didn’t skip every time you moved too much like the CD Walkman that came later.  These MP3 players will even give you that fix of insanely bright colors if you’re a pink fan.  If not, don’t worry there’s an alternative.

Usually Urban Outfitters can do no wrong when it comes to me.  However, I’m really not happy with the lack of information that they’re offering on these little MP3 players.  They literally only give the price and some color selections.  Well in the color area you can get these in pink, yellow or silver.  The other unfortunate part with this MP3 player is that it’s featuring a serious price tag.  Personally, I think £45.00 or about $70 is a bit much for a novelty MP3 player that they’re offering zero information on.

Source: OhGizmo