Moving seats in the house


Are you one of the many who are looking forward to Terminator Salvation as it hits theaters tomorrow? Well, folks who are heading towards the cinema at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn. will experience a surprise that most other cinemas don’t have – the audience can feel as though they’re living the action on the silver screen courtesy of their own motion-activated seat.

Moviegoers will encounter gripping explosions and suspenseful fight scenes as each seat moves “in perfect sync” with the onscreen action; creating an unmatched immersive experience. With its unique, patented technology, D-BOX Motion Code uses programmed motion effects embedded and specially programmed for each film, which are sent to a motion generating system integrated in a platform or a seat. While audience members will experience motion during action sequences, the seats will remain still during quieter scenes. It also comes equipped with adjustable settings so individuals can customize the experience.

It would be interesting to see whether the movie tickets for such a cinema will experience a price increase or not, but hopefully you won’t be sitting next to someone with a full stomach when the show starts – you might end up with some less than desirable processed food on your lap once the show is halfway through.

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