Move over Spork – Meet the Knork

I have to say I have never really been impressed with the Spork, you remember, that spoon/fork hybrid that was ever so popular at fast food restaurants for a while. They usually came in a bag with flimsy little napkin and some salt and pepper packs. I always ended up using mine as a spoon, the tines on the “fork” never really had enough strength to stab anything. A decent enough idea, just bad execution.
Well, now we get to welcome the Knork, available not only as disposible cutlery, the Knork also comes in stainless steel and is ergonomically designed for the way we eat, the Knork combines the necessity of a fork, with the cutting edge of a knife all in one handy utensil. The gently beveled edge allows you to easily cut your food (with your already perfected rocking maneuver) with much less time and effort than ever before.
I realize that at first glance the Knork may appear to be a novelty, but upon further investigation I realized how valuable it may be to our seniors, or folks with hand and wrist issues, or even for kids simply learning how to eat… I know the whole fork-knife coordination thing was an issue with me when I was a kid. It still is.
The Knorks are 18/0 stainless steel, hand formed from a single solid bar. They are available in glossy, matte or a Duo Finish with a glossy head and frosted handle. Serving pieces and plasticware are also available, and a four piece stainless set goes for just under 25 bucks from
And no, I don’t know why they dont slice the corner of your mouth, they just don’t!

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