MOVA Globe

Have the world at your fingertips rotating in continuous motion just like planet earth with the MOVA globe. This awesome globe rotates just like the earth without any type of help from batteries, adapters, or cords. The MOVA globe contains solar cells that create energy to power a low friction electric motor.

The globe may only allow around 10 to 15 percent of light to go through it; however,the motor can still work fine because it operates on small amounts that equal a single average wavelength from the sun. The globe will magically rotate in the palm of your hand or on its own display.

The base and globe’s casing are made out of clear acrylic, which give it a really neat floating effect.

If you are wondering how this marvelous globe really works instead of believing in magic. The globe has a small industrial strength magnet inside it, which acts like a stabilizer that forces perpetual silent rotation of the globe against the liquid. The earth’s own magnetic field keeps this internal magnet in an N-S alignment. The torque from the motor counters the torque that is generated by the earth’s magnetic field.

Okay, that was all the technical stuff. No matter the reason the globe rotates and stays suspended, it is one of the most unique globes I have seen. It comes in four different designs, which include map with geographic locations, Antiqued map with geographic locations, True to life satellite image, and Satellite image with geographic Locations, which is shown. The MOVA globe only weighs around 4 pounds and is 6 inches in diameter, which is perfect for displaying on your desk or on a bookcase.

The MOVA globe does cost a pretty penny or two at around $500, but what would you expect for the world.

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