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Mouth-controlled drone is a crowd puller at Nuremberg Toy Fair

voice-controlled-droneDrones do seem to be all the rage these days, and not only that, they are also devices that need to be registered with the FAA if you happen to live in the US, or at least this is how it works at the moment. The reason behind the drone registration process? To be able to keep track of the drones so that in the event of unscrupulous use of a drone, it is easier to track down the owner and proceed with legal proceedings, if any. Still, controlling a drone does require a fair bit of skill as it is not like a video game, and here we are with FLYPRO’s controlled by mouth (Voice control) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), where it is known as the XEagle. On show at CES earlier last month, it is now on display at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany, where it has certainly wowed the crowds so far.

What makes the FLYPRO XEagle so special from the other kinds of drones that are in the market? Well, it has been specially designed in order to recognize voice commands such as take off, land, circle, and not only that, will be able to follow in both English and Chinese languages. In addition, it claims to be easy to operate, which represents a development in consumer-level drone technology as well as a significant milestone for consumer drones.

The voice and smart watch control, automatic obstacle-avoidance, high speed 360-degree angle and gimbal smart tracking functions all work in tandem in order to make the FLYPRO XEagle the perfect smart UAV for sports enthusiasts. After all, voice control would mean that the drone pilot is able to keep his or her hands free, in order to focus on and record all of the sporting action that is going on. Would you prefer the traditional controls of a drone compared to voice control?

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