Mount your iPad with the Bracketron iRoom iDock

The iPad is one marvelous device, being a highly portable computing device that is easy to use and has phenomenal battery life back when it first came out (its rivals have since managed to catch up somewhat, of course). Well, there are many ways to use an iPad, and in a corporate setting, instead of LED TVs in the waiting room, why not mount an iPad in place instead? Bracketron promotes that idea with the iRoom iDock, where it is a powered and motorized in-wall mounting solution for the iPad, making it the first of its kind in the market at the moment.
You can choose from two models – portrait and landscape to suit your needs, where it can be flush-mounted to seamlessly and stylishly integrate the iPad into any room. Boasting a patented motorized docking system that will open and close the iDock to make sure the iPad remains securely in place, the dock will also feature power and composite audio internal connections.

As for the mountÂ’s faceplate (otherwise known as bezel), it will come in a trio of sleek looking colors – brushed aluminum, piano black and opal white, but for those who prefer to stand out from the crowd of just love to color co-ordinate things, you can always opt for it to be color customized. Nice to know that the iRoom iDock will play nice with both the iPad and iPad 2, and is readily available.
There is also a unique powered opening mechanism that features a one-touch proximity sensor with the iDock, and when activated, the sensor is smart enough to recognize whenever someone is nearby, automatically switching the iDock to the open position so that you are able to insert the iPad. Once ten seconds has elapsed, the iPad door will close automatically. Alternatively, you can choose to disable the proximity sensor to lock the iPad in place for good.
Whenever the iPad remains in place, it will allow you to have total control of smart home applications on the device, not to mention juicing it up simultaneously. If you happen to experience a power outage, the iDock will open up automatically, so that you are able to release the iPad for removal. It would be nice if there was some sort of manual override though, what do you think?
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