The Motorola Talkabout MT350 – Up to 35 Miles of Non-Cell Communication

I’m not sure about global warming, but I DO know that something really strange is going on with our weather. Whatever I have come to expect as far as the weather is concerned, is exactly what doesn’t happen. To make matters worse, every time the weather turns bad, like last years flood, the October blizzard, the August hurricane or last weeks tornado, we loose power and cell service. I dont like being without power, that’s why I got myself a backup radio. However, not being able to get in touch with my family, I like that even less.

Check out the new Talkabout Series two way walkie talkies, rugged and weatherproof the Talkabout radio is perfect in all kinds of weather extremes, so forget snow, dust and rain, Talkabout has got you covered. Its emergency alert feature, built-in LED flashlight and the NOAA weather alert channels provide a total emergency preparedness communication solution for you and your entire family.
The new Talkabout MT350R radios feature more than one charging option for extra safety and convenience. Not only does the 350R use a mini-USB wall adapter, which actually consumes less power during idle conditions, you can also charge it using a mini-USB car charger (sold separately) or if you have no available power, you can still use standard alkaline batteries.

The Talkabout MT 350R radios sell for around $89.99 per pair, which includes two radios, two belt clips, one wall charging adapter with y-cable, two NiMH rechargeable battery packs, and an emergency preparedness checklist sheet. Also available is the $99.99 MT352R which comes with higher capacity batteries and is available in silver. Check out for more info.