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The MotorMood lets you say thanks to nice drivers

Motor Mood

Driving in any capacity is not fun when there’s a lot of traffic to deal with. People are rushed, cranky, and pretty quick to provide you with an array of colorful words and gestures. There are a few people to restore your faith in humanity who give you room to change lanes, don’t crowd too close to the back of your car, and aren’t completely stone-faced when you pass by.

If you want to show thanks to the kind drivers on the road and don’t believe a flippant wave is enough, why not show how happy you are? The MotorMood is nothing more than a friendly smile that will show your appreciation to anyone who is kind enough to give you room on the road ahead of them. This is mounted on your rear window, and once you press the button it will illuminate for around six seconds before shutting off.

This comes in blue, pink, and green, but comes with a red face overlay as certain areas have laws about rear-facing lights being red. Of course, you can always cut out your own overlay if you’re feeling saucy, but they do offer other faces as well. This is going to cost you $19, and will get you the light-up smiling face and a button that controls it to go on your sun visor. If you would like immediate access to a variety of expressions, there’s also the Drivemocion for those that want to do more than smile.

AVailable for crowdfunding on Kickstarter