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Motorcyclists can see what’s behind them with the Reevu Helmet

I’ve never been a motorcycle rider, but I can imagine that it must be difficult to look behind you. The Reevu helmet is a unique piece of work that allows the rider to see in front of them and behind them at the same time.

The technology uses a multiple mirror system to achieve this special effect, and the material is a reflective polycarbonate that is useful for two reasons.

The first reason is the material makes the helmet lighter, which means that it won’t feel like a heavy weight on the rider’s head. The second reason is that the material is more durable than what is on most helmets.

My Source mentions something that I think is very pertinent. Just imagine trying to drive a car with the same view as the image that you see here. I suppose you could call the backward view a large rear-view mirror, but can you imagine if you accidentally got the images mixed up, even for a second? Yes, that could be the second that causes your accident.

However, the company who makes this product says that most riders can get used to his point-of-view quite easily, and not having to turn around is something riders want to adapt to.

This helmet should be available with a price of about $375.


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3 thoughts on “Motorcyclists can see what’s behind them with the Reevu Helmet”

  1. Can’t think of anything more stupid!! A helmet is there to protect my head so why would I surround it with “a multiple mirror system”

  2. It is not difficult to look behind in a motorcycle diffidently not, thats what`s the mirrors there for although I always make sure by turning my head!

  3. Adam! A stupid comment from someone who don’t wear a helmet?
    Life savers should be called DEATH chances as every time you have to strain your neck to look behind you because your helmet restricts your vision. You have the chance of falling off or running into something in front. Take the central mirror out of your car and see how stupid that is.

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