Motorcyclists can see what’s behind them with the Reevu Helmet

I’ve never been a motorcycle rider, but I can imagine that it must be difficult to look behind you. The Reevu helmet is a unique piece of work that allows the rider to see in front of them and behind them at the same time.

The technology uses a multiple mirror system to achieve this special effect, and the material is a reflective polycarbonate that is useful for two reasons.

The first reason is the material makes the helmet lighter, which means that it won’t feel like a heavy weight on the rider’s head. The second reason is that the material is more durable than what is on most helmets.

My Source mentions something that I think is very pertinent. Just imagine trying to drive a car with the same view as the image that you see here. I suppose you could call the backward view a large rear-view mirror, but can you imagine if you accidentally got the images mixed up, even for a second? Yes, that could be the second that causes your accident.

However, the company who makes this product says that most riders can get used to his point-of-view quite easily, and not having to turn around is something riders want to adapt to.

This helmet should be available with a price of about $375.


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