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Moto Z is the world’s thinnest premium smartphone

moto-zWhen it comes to smartphones, there are simply way too many different kinds of models from which one is able to choose from these days, as smartphone manufacturers continue to bombard us with many different choices, so much so that it can be difficult to take our pick. On the high end and premium range, there are various players in the market, that those who are weary of the iPhone and perhaps the flagship Samsung Galaxy S series might want to check out something different for a season – and the Moto Z would fit the bill perfectly.

The recently announced Moto Z from Motorola is made from military aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, which means that despite its razor thin form factor of a mere 5.2mm, it is extremely durable, making it the world’s thinnest premium smartphone along the way. In addition, the Moto Z will also be so light that you might even forget that it is in your pocket.

In terms of the hardware specifications, the Moto Z will feature a 5.5” Quad HD AMOLED display, accompanied by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM and 32GB or 64GB of internal memory, depending on your budget and needs. Not only that, you will be able to obtain additional storage space for the likes of pictures, videos and apps simply by throwing in a microSD memory card of up to 2TB.

In terms of its camera, the Moto Z will sport a high-resolution 13MP camera with optical image stabilization and laser autofocus, allowing one to snap beautiful, true-to-life pictures regardless of the lighting condition. There is also a front-facing 5MP camera that will include a wide-angle lens, making it ideal to fit friends and family in the picture. Heck, the Moto Z even comes with a water-repellant coating that means rain, splashes or spills won’t get in your way.

The Moto Z will certainly occupy a far higher position on the proverbial food chain as opposed to its earlier efforts in the guise of the Moto E, that is for sure, and it looks like Motorola is back with a bang this time around.

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