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Motion-Sensitive Remote Control

remotion03What you are seeing here is not a vacuum cleaner attachment or what happened after an aardvark sneezed. This is a motion-sensitive remote control. I realize that was probably your last guess, assuming you didn’t lose interest after my somewhat weak aardvark joke.

This concept remote control device, known as the “Remotion” is designed by Ryan Sorrell, and has some Motion Control like the Wiimote or the Loop.

As you can see, buttons are absent from this device as the user moves it to his or her liking. Adjusting the volume is as simple as shaking it up or down. In order to change stations, you move it left or right with a flick of the wrist.

Well, this looks like a good way for couch potatoes to lose from extra fat from their wrist, but I can’t help but want more commands for my remote.

For example, could I use it to operate my DVR? Maybe if I held it up a certain way and turned it left, that could be rewind, and turning it to the right could be fast-forward.

The possibilities are…well, quite limited. Especially when most houses have all sorts of devices hooked to their television, and the universal remote market is growing.