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This Motion-Activated LED closet light won’t blind you in the morning

Closet Light

Waking up in the morning is not something anyone looks forward to. You have to get all of your tired body that feels more like a lump than a human out of the very comfortable and warm sheets. Then you have to saunter to the closet and pick out clothing to wear, either by letting fate decide from choosing in the darkness, or blinding yourself with the overhead light.

If you wake up before the sun, it would be wise to treat your eyes well, especially since they’re probably going to be staring at a screen all day. The is a closet light which will make sure you can peacefully rise without too harsh of a light in the morning. This is a motion-activated LED light which you can choose the brightness of thanks to a dimmer.

We’ve seen options of this sort of thing in the past, but this one is meant for your closet as it is a 10 foot long LED strip. The 3M self adhesive strips are what will keep it in place, though there are 2 wire mounting holders as well. This only needs access to a standard plug to work. There’s also a timer so you can choose to be quick about things in only 30 seconds, or give yourself more time at up to ten minutes. This is going to cost you $64.99, and would be nicely paired with those alarm clocks that act as an artificial sunrise.

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