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Motion Sickness Relief Band provides quick relief

reliefbandWhen it comes to traveling, we should never, ever take anything for granted, and even more so if the place which we are traveling to happens to be somewhere that is far away in the interior, or the facilities are not so well developed. After all, accidents do happen without prior warning, and hence having the right equipment to ensure that safety and comfort of all involved is of utmost importance. For instance, the Heated Fleece Travel Blanket provides warm comfort no matter how long the journey is. Why not make sure that you bring that along with the $99.95 Motion Sickness Relief Band?

The Motion Sickness Relief Band happens to be a wearable device that stimulates nerves on the inner wrist so that it can provide medication-free relief of motion sickness caused by boat, air, or vehicle travel. It will make use of a treatment proven effective in multiple medical journals, as the band transmits gentle electrostatic pulses to the wrist’s P6 acupressure point, which will harmlessly disrupt the nerve signals between the brain and stomach that cause nausea. This is a reusable device that does not require abstaining from food or drink and quickly alleviates symptoms without resulting in drowsiness. Not only that, it is also splash-resistant device and comes with five intensity settings, a low-battery indicator, and an adjustable nylon strap for a comfortable, non-constricting fit. It will also work in relieving nausea caused by pregnancy, surgery, and other medical conditions and treatments, now how about that for versatility?